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Dialectician. Poet. Writer. Born and raised Austinite, from Austin, Texas. Leads the life of courage; and both brotherhood and prosperity. Trusts, in-order to cultivate an open atmosphere, an organic environment; accessibility to digital content and inviting any persons whom can wrangle a pen. 

Cherishes family-time, and traditional approaches to both writing method and networking. "There is a deep divide between poetic language and community." Making efforts drawing lines in sand easier. Through meditated minds, 

philosophical wellness, and mindful stewardship of the outdoors; gathering from experience the unexpected and impromptu. Bidding features for artisan and naturally gifted innovators, by a wisdom of locality from friends and companionship; and providing to perspective, a naturalist's social commons. In providing perspective, fitted for everyday routine, newcomers of a many diverse situations are welcomed to timely attendance of the obscure, and the weird.

The cause for the public eye. Recognized by the Masonic Lodge for Excellence. Radial throughout Awbrey's production, of material and content necessary, resourcing a vibrant backdrop of deeply rooted, poetic imagery -- the fond attraction for dissent. 

Student of the game: scholar to music, of dance, in culture; the arts with poetry and language. Influenced by Jazz, Classicism, Impressionism and Theater