"Life is a book of already answered questions; it is our job to make this book, just a bit bigger."


Her Kinship


Don't Speak,       About Mercy


ISBN # 9781641825450

ISBN # 9781641825450

Genre: fiction;   A story composed of a black architect and his encounters with society. His regularity that observes the alienated mind, like the days of the week. A social drama with a philosophical approach to one-sided conflict, and the inability to make any real change. A very visceral, poetic outline with an involved narrative that defines the attitudes behind love's conventions. An animated approach at looking for dialog from an outside perspective, and going through the motions that lead characters to discovering things about each other, inside and outside of the literal world. Captivating the visual response in a dialog that sounds all too familiar, within an reoccurring narrative not everyone wishes to discuss. His intentions are clear that he just needs to be happy, but a very amusing tale of denial. The will of the world will change all whom choose to change with it. Love, without the constant reminders and antagonists that bring drama into a literal world. An uncommon Southern Stability to hang onto, like the shoulder of your beau on the honky-tonk floor.

ISBN # 9781645362678

Genre: fiction;     A young, black political family has lost their son's lover, she has decided against the quarrel any longer. A true free-plains drifter, narrating this perspective. And, when another drifter arrives in this specific town, it's become obvious that her heart should change about certain mis-truths. A relaxing dramaturgy about leniency, sometime centered around tax day and a semantic protozoic about how to manicure social misunderstanding. Going about self-efficacy, the small town is inspiring the will to stand against the test of time, learning about how to use reproof to become more modern. From the farm to locality, the vote about adventure may prevent discrimination from being credible, but the small town way of life is telling Christabel to learn a new way of life, or fall victim to her sublime. A non-materialistic, anti-prejudice tale of finding an inner-artist, utilizing aid of uniformity to construct what conformity of art sounds like. Miscues of mindful miscalculations are minuscule in making the mindfulness that comes from reading Christabel's perspective. More about her understanding of a fallacy, than understanding the confusion, calamity and the not spoken involvement, unsaid all-in-all about the coming of ends to youth.